Intercessor’s Secret Weapons: Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship

Click here to listen to the Fourth Watch message from July 24, 2020.

Everything that was made was made by God, Maker and Creator of heaven and earth. God made man in His image and His likeness to create. We were granted dominion. We created with our words. We were given God’s breath by God. We breathe. We speak. We sing. We praise. We offer thanksgiving.  We use His breath. Genesis 1:1-3Genesis 1:26-28Genesis 2:7

We are to come before God’s presence with Thanksgiving. We are to Shout joyfully with Psalms. We are to enter His gates with Thanksgiving and come before His courts with Praise.  Psalm 95:1-11Psalm 100:1-5

King Jehoshaphat knew to seek the face of God when the enemy raised his head and threatened the nation. Jehoshaphat called the people together in one voice and cried out before God. God told them to use a secret weapon that the enemy did not have. The weapon was Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship. Early in the morning the singers, praisers, worshippers and dancers went out to meet the enemy by praising the beauty of holiness. They opened their mouths in the midst of the enemy and went out singing: Praise the Lord; For His mercy endures forever.  God responded and opened the gates of heaven. The enemy was ambushed by the angels. 2 Chronicles 20:920-22

Paul and Silas had been beaten and tormented by the enemy and were thrown into prison. God wanted to have a revival in prison. The enemy was so afraid of the power of God that was on the inside of them, that not only were they put in prison, but they were put in solitary confinement. At midnight, they had a concert of Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship.  The concert was broadcasted to heaven. The gates were opened in heaven as a result of the thanksgiving and praise. Simultaneously, the prison gates were opened on earth as it was in heaven. Paul and Silas didn’t even run out, but waited till intermission, had an altar call and got the jailer and his family saved. That’s prison revival at its finest.  This happened because they had received the power of the Holy Spirit and were witnesses of Jesus everywhere. Even in stockades in prison. That represents being a witness everywhere.  They had learned to build themselves up on their most holy faith. They knew the power of praying in the Spirit!! Acts 1:8Acts 16:16-40Jude 1:20-21


I have been given access to the Throne of Grace. I am an Intercessor. I have secret weapons that I use in intense warfare. The weapons are thanksgiving, praise and worship. The weapons that I use are presented at the gates of heaven as the pass code. I enter the gates of heaven with thanksgiving and then I go into the courts of the Most High God with praise. I am thankful unto God and I bless His Holy Name. I sing unto God a song of praise when the fire is turned up. I have learned to turn up the fire of my intercession with praise, worship and Thanksgiving.  The angels come to assist me, other intercessors and prayers, when we worship in the midst of the trials. When we worship in the heat of the battle, the power from heaven comes to open the prison gates.  There is an ambush set when we open our mouths to shout unto God with a voice of triumph. Today, I have entered the gates of heaven. I have taken siege of that which tried to besiege me. I have joined with a team of Intercessors and we have stormed the gates. Praise be to God Who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus. I go forth now to take the spoils of the enemy because I have used my secret weapons– Thanksgiving, coupled with praise and worship. I go forth in Jesus Name, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have built myself up on my most holy faith. I have prayed in the Holy Spirit. I have sung unto the Lord.  I have worshipped. I have offered thanksgiving. I have won. In Jesus Name.  Amen


Weapon:  a means of gaining an advantage or defending oneself in a conflict or contest.

Thanksgiving:  an expression of gratitude especially to God.

Worship:  an act of offering divine respect and extravagant reverence to God.

Praise:  the expression of warm approval or admiration for God Almighty.


Let’s just praise The Lord!!  Who says that in the heat of a raging battle?  It had better be the church, each believer in particular. We are the body of Christ when we are together, but when we are apart, we are still powerful heirs. We have weapons of our warfare that the enemy expects us to use against him. We bind and loose, we speak the word, we stomp and get angry with the enemy, and all of these things are good. But when we are in the heat of the turned-up battle fire, we must pull our secret weapons. These weapons are so unexpected when we are weary, worn and about to be sad. These weapons are: thanksgiving, praise and worship. Who does that?  Who stands and lifts their hands and worships God when it appears that all is lost?  Who cries out with a shout of praise when the enemy is expecting you to cower in a corner of defeat?  Who sings to high heaven when there is something going on to totally bring you down?  An Intercessor does. That’s who. A believer who has done all that he or she knows to do to stand. That’s who. A saint who has exhausted everything that was in their arsenal. Now what do I do? The enemy thinks he has me surrounded and defeated. I bow down in surrender to God and stand up with my hands lifted high. I open my mouth and worship God for the beauty of holiness. I sing unto God a new song with rejoicing. I dance like David dances and I break out in holy laughter or tears of joy. I recall the goodness of God and offer thanks. I pull out the heavy weapons. Thanksgiving, praise and worship. These are the weapons used to confuse the enemy and also to open the gates of heaven from earth. Watch out!!  Now heaven is about to deploy the angels to fight on my behalf. An ambush is set, and the enemy is defeated.  Glory!!  So, you’ve been fighting a while, I feel you. Time to get your no-nonsense look, throw your head back , lift your hands to heaven and offer thanksgiving, use your praise and step into worship. Bring your tambourine along for the dance. Oh, also, bring along a big bag to collect the spoils of victory. God will have it laid out waiting for you. Your job, Pray! Obey! Stay!  Have a triumphant day!! 


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